nuuaria webinar hosted by dignity health diabetes center


how prioritizing emotional wellbeing can have profoundly positive impacts on your health

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Eating our vegetables and exercising each day is often higher on the priority list than tending to our emotions for our healthiest self. Yet, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration and fear are negative emotions with real impact on blood sugar management.

registered dietitian and diplomate of the American Institute of Stress, Maya Nahra for this session on emotional wellness to learn the science of an emotion, the difference between emotions and feeling, how emotions can help or hurt your body, and ways to tend to an optimal state of emotional wellbeing.
Meet the instructor

Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS

Maya is the founder of Nuuaria, creator of the Nuuaria Method® and Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress who is no stranger yo-yo dieting. Once over 200 pounds and always looking for the next ‘magic pill,’ she found permanence in identifying, learning and applying the underlying principles now known as the Nuuaria Method®. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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