How to Innovating a Creative & Relevant Company Wellness Solution

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Whether you’re working in the office, virtually or a combination of both, there’s a new air about this New Year. The Covid era has brought both short- and long-term changes, of which will impact your new or existing company wellness program.

Join Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS founder at Nuuaria and Executive Director of Wellness for Bridgemark Insurance Group to learn the latest health-related research and how to think differently about now stale and outdated corporate wellness methodologies. Plus, learn how to creatively apply them to innovate your 2021 company wellness plans.

This webinar is complimentary and we recommend inviting your company’s owner, HR director and/or wellness committee. You don’t want to miss this!


Meet the instructor

Maya Nahra, RD, DAIS

Maya is the founder of Nuuaria, creator of the Nuuaria Method® and Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress who is no stranger to the ill-effects stress can have on the body. Once ridden with anxiety, depression, frustration and overwhelm herself – even on medication at times – she found her way through neuroscience and meditation. 
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