You don’t need an expert.
You are the expert on you.
Your mentor is just here to help you realize that.  

welcome to Nuuaria's e-mentorship program

What is the mentorship program?

A Nuuaria mentor is here to guide you through the Nuuaria programs while helping you integrate the tools you're learning, into your real life scenarios. 

Nuuaria's mentorship program allows successful students to learn the Nuuaria methodology then, continue their own journey by helping YOU.
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Write your awesome label here.

Who is my mentor?

Nuuaria mentors ARE YOU. Nuuaria mentors have been in your shoes and thought your thoughts. They're just several steps ahead on the same journey. 

As your mentors, we are simply your guides, pointing out the important parts of your process, through non-judgment, love, and a deep appreciation for where you are now... becasue we've been there too.
get started in two easy steps

Step 1: Choose How Often You Connect with Your Mentor

Once a Month Check In

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  • all-access course pass
  • once per month, 30-min mentor call


Full Weekly Support

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  • all-access course pass
  • weekly support to get you and keep you on track

Twice a Month

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  • all-access course pass
  • twice per month, 30-min mentor call

All-Access Course Pass Includes:

  • Nuuaria's Signature Weight Loss program that teaches you how to lose weight without a diet, through learning how youd own body like to eat, changing all-or-nothing thinking and learning acceptance.
  • The On-Demand Weight Loss Retreat
  • The Jumpstart Weight Loss Program
  • Nuuaria's Signature Stress + Meditation Program, accredited by the American Institute of Stress
  • Anxiety from Catastrophic Thinking Program
  • The Joy Challenge
  • Cooking Class 101
  • + over 10 free Nuuaria webinars and masterclasses
 Please note, if you are an emotional eater who wants freedom from food and unwanted thoughts, please enroll in Nuuaria's Freedom Track

Step 2: Choose and Schedule with Your Mentor

Each mentor has a unique story and personality. Choose one that specializes in your Nuuaria progam. Click on the mentor below to get to know them and schedule your first session.


Diabetes, Weight Loss, Stress, Retired Teacher, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Water Fitness Instructor, Avid Walker, Nature Lover, Enjoys Life, Always Learning


emotional eating, addiction, self love, self worth, life purpose
Only available for Freedom Program. Click here to learn more and schedule.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Level Three Nuuaria Method® Mentor Training